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Food in Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong

Popular as the ‘World’s Food Fair’ and having all categories from roadside stalls to world-class restaurants, Hong Kong, where dining out is one of the most famous things to do as a tourist, provides a wide variety of selections for dining. Several of the restaurants have been affected by both Western and Eastern cultures. In only this mega city, food lovers can relish all types of authentic cuisines from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Europe, America, India and many more. Hong Kong, which has such a wide variety of food, has really become a gourmet eating heaven.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork, which is regarded as one of the classic dishes of the Han people (90% of Chinese), is possibly the most popular Hong Kong food, which has built its path into Chinese takeaway menus all over the world. As per the legend, it is so that the first emperor of ancient China, the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC) liked sweet and sour dishes. This dish is comprised in Shandong cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, of which the style of Snadong cuisine is most famous.

Kau Kee Beef Brisket

Kau Kee Beef Brisket, which is the tender, tasty, slow cooked beef brisket cooked in a broth with spices, is possibly one of the best beef briskets, which can be found all over the world. This tasteful dish always satisfies the long line of eager lovers. During the Hong Kong tour, tourists should make sure to order for the curry tendon beef brisket or in other words, the divinely rich curry sauce and tender beef brisket. To relish this dish, you can head to Central’s Kau Kee restaurant.

Roast Goose

Being a traditional particularity of Cantonese cuisine, Roast Goose is an entire goose roasted with hidden ingredients, cut into small pieces, meat and soft bone, each piece with the skin, and eaten with plum sauce. A particular goose variety from that area is required to make authentic Guangdong-style Roast Goose. To eat this dish has become a major tourist attraction in itself in the New Regions of Hong Kong. The various decade old restaurants in Hong Kong for this dish are Yung Kee and Yue Kee.

Snake Soup

Snake soup, which is believed by traditionalists as wards off colds and other maladies, is regarded as a delicacy in Hong Kong city. To try this unique type of soup, Ser Wong Fun, which has been serving snake soup for 115 years, is one of the best places all over Hong Kong. Being a little shabby, the place is always very full but the experience of it is quite essential in Hong Kong. After being shredded into thin white strips, the snake meat is served in a broth of lemon leaves, seafood and mushrooms.

Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea

Consisting of Ceylon black tea, the tea at the bottom and evaporated milk on top, evaporated milk and sugar, Hong Kong-style milk tea, which is typically served as a part of afternoon tea, is a famous part of the regular life of several people of Hong Kong. The residents of Hong Kong like to state that the taste of milk in a cup of superior milk tea should be stronger than the tea. Several flavors are produced by several cooking methods and ingredients. At present, Hong Kong-style milk tea has become a symbol of the culture of Hong Kong. To take the taste of this delicious drink, you should proceed to LAN Fong Yuen (a Cha Chaan Teng of Hong Kong style), located in Central, and renowned for its original Hong Kong-style milk tea with its history of more than 50 years.


As during the tour in any destination, food is mostly considered as an attraction like the cultural and historical sites, so is with Macau, which owns a multitude of must-try foods. Some of the foods are regarded as cuisine signatures. Macanese food is importantly the world’s first ever fusion cuisine, blending flavors and techniques from the wide range of cultures who have resided in Macau over several years. The food of Macau combines together elements of Portuguese, Malay, Indian, African and Chinese food. Reflecting the history of Macau as a Portuguese colony, Portuguese cuisine is undoubtedly one of the main ones available in Macau.

Portuguese Egg Tarts

The most renowned food of Macau is the Portuguese egg tart, which consists of a flaky pastry shell, with a sweet, rich egg custard enriching with a consistency equivalent to crème Brulee. The taste of this food is integrally increased by a caramelized top. It is available everywhere from hotels and restaurants to street food vendors. Having outlets in Coloane and even inside the Venetian, Lord Stow’s is possibly the most renowned for its buttery crust, warm and satin egg filling.

Pork Chop Bun

In spite of being widely considered as a snack, Pork Chop Buns, which is another well-known street snack of Macau and literally a seasoned pork chop on a bun, can play its role of a meal. Inside a delicious white bun, you can get a fried boneless pork chop. In spite of not being like a hamburger bun, it is like a soft roll that absorbs grease finely at all. This food item has no lettuce or anything frilly inside. This snack can be tried at Tai Lei Lok Kei in Taipa.

Black Garlic Chocolate

Having a complexity and flavor that allows it to be taken to a sweet extreme, Black garlic (fermented garlic) has become famous as a super food (it is imagined to have a high antioxidant content). If you are willing to try this super food, you can head to McPherson’s Sweet’s Shoppe, where you can relish a rich black garlic Gananche as a sandwich made from two pieces of dark chocolate. Here, you can also opt for the black garlic ice cream. From this café, you can also purchase durian ice cream. The frozen chocolate bananas and green tea ice cream are less challenging options of this destination.

Portuguese Seafood Rice

Portuguese seafood rice is regarded as the superior cuisine of its Italian and Spanish counterparts. Under the relishing of this food, tourists can taste the comforting soupy rice, stewed with a bunch of other substances in the broth of seafood and tomato while the highlight is not the giant prawns nor the succulent mussels. If you want to try it, you should head to newly reopened restaurant ‘Temptations’, which treads the border attentively with its Portuguese seafood rice. This food is topped off with a spoonful of seasoned Portuguese olive oil, home-prepared by Joe Chan, the Macanese executive chef of the restaurant.

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