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Hong Kong is the destination, which is counted among the ones, famous for the celebration of festivals and events. Two of the most renowned with tourists are Chinese New Year International Performance Night along with the fireworks and Float Exhibition, and the Christmas/Winter Festive Period.

The Hong Kong ‘Tuen Ng’ Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu)

Organized annually in Hong Kong during the Tuen Ng Festival and lasting for approx half a month in the mid of the year as per the Gregorian or Western Calendar, this boat race festival, which is regarded as one of the world’s main concentrations of dragon boat races, is celebrated by using colorfully-adorned dragon boats for boat races and other Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat in Cantonese) activities. On this grand occasion, dragon boat races are organized in approx ten sites in the area of Hong Kong. On the different days of racing, thousand of competitors and tens of thousands of their supporters go there. Tourists can take the enjoyment of watching of these races and several festivities, entertainment and parades. Hong Kong has become a major location for international racing competitions as dragon boat racing has emerged into a worldwide sport.

Chinese New Year International Performance Night

The streets of Tsim Sha Tsui are the venue for the huge International Chinese New Year’s Parade. This grand festival is meant to be an international one for the entire world with international performers from several countries and worldwide telecasts. Being a large part of the yearly Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, this festival is a parade and entertainment extravaganza in this destination. On this occasion, huge crowds line the streets and make a path for the parade close to the Victoria Harbor. Dozens of floats head down the streets with dozens of bands and performing groups. The parade, which commences in conjunction with the beginning of the nightly Symphony of Lights that has set a world record for such an urban light show, passes by some Hong Kong highlights like the Avenue of Stars, the Golden Mile of Nathan Road and Kowloon Park. The floats are followed by the groups of dancers, marching bands, jugglers, drummers, kids, skaters and bikers from several countries. In this way, Hong Kong has become famous as an international city with influences from all over the world.

Hong Kong Winter Festival

The Hong Kong Winter Festival, which is powered by the Hong Kong Tourism Administration, is organized in the month of December every year to draw the attention of overseas visitors and locals alike on each Christmas, during which time streets are adorned with colorful lights, prices are reasonably decreased in the supermarkets, snacks are offered plentifully and the New Year countdown performances are done. This festival is enriched with spellbinding charm, ancient world traditions, twinkling lights, the sound of carolers, culminating in a splendid show of fireworks over the city, which has its reflection in Victoria Harbor. The themes of this festival have its variation from one venue to another and the highlights majorly comprising the New Year Countdown, making wishes and exploring the main attractions of Hong Kong. During this grand festival, the main venues comprise Hong Kong Disneyland, Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Gallery, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and Ngong Ping 360.

Hong Kong Shopping Festival

Being a world class shopping city, Hong Kong is still an attractive destination for shopping. During the Hong Kong Shopping Festival, which is held in July and August each year, the area of Hong Kong wears special events and the stores do sales for the festival. People love shopping in Hong Kong for better prices and quality than they can have in the Mainland and often their own nation. During this shopping festival, the stores put on an additional attempt and several stores remain open on additional hours. You may get prime discounts, especially at the end of season fashion items. Coupons for sale may also be got from the desks of mall customer service.


Chinese New Year Firework Performance Show

Being a huge tourist event in Hong Kong, the Chinese New Year Firework Performance Show, which is a major attraction for taking the enjoyment in Hong Kong during the month of February each year, is done for the displaying of fireworks in conjunction with the Symphony of Lights. On the 2nd day of the three day Spring Festival holidays, the explosion of fireworks is made. During this occasion, large crowds assemble for taking the enjoyment of the event, because most people have the off for three days. On the day after the Chinese New Year Day, fireworks are let off over Victoria Harbor. During this fantastic show, while the lights dance on the buildings, the Victoria Harbor blazes with fireworks. The best place to watch the Fireworks show is the Avenue of Stars. This grand show is longer and larger than the regular New Year’ fireworks at midnight on the 1st of January each year.


Famous as the ‘Entertainment Capital of Asia’, Macau provides its visitors the enjoyment of a cosmopolitan ambiance and the taste of a world of tastes, colors, celebrations and events. In this destination, you can take the unlimited enjoyment of everything from Christian festivals to Chinese festivals and even the Filipino Pahiyas.

Feast of the Drunken Dragon

Celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th moon in the month of May, Drunken Dragon Festival, which dates back to the misty past from the Kangxi Kingdom of the Qing Dynasty, is a very unusual festival in comparison of the other main Chinese festivals. The fish traders observe this strange local festival, which begins from Kwan Tai Temple (close to Leal Senado square), where groups of drunken men will dance along their path through lanes/streets and markets while waving heads and tails of dragons. The performance of this festival has also been explained as a fertility rite or an exorcism.

Lion Dance in Chinese New Year

Have you ever thought of taking the enjoyment of a lion dance – a form of traditional dance in the culture of China and nations of Asia in which performers make a mimicry of the movements of a lion in the costume of a lion? If so, Macau is just for you to enjoy this special dance, normally performed during the Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival or Lunar New Year in China being the most significant traditional festival lasting for one week with a week of official public holidays in China. The Chinese New Year Festival is the greatest celebration in Macau because of being a New-Year welcoming and family assembling during a grand family feast. Lion Dance, which is performed amidst the roaring cheers and enthusiasts applause for the grand shows of excellence, is also renowned for starting of businesses in Hong Hong and Macau

Feast of Hungry Ghosts

Also featuring local celebrations like Chinese Opera, the Feast of Hungry Ghosts, which is usually organized in the month of August, is a spiritual festival where people burn dummies of paper and offer food for them by the road sides to soothe the souls of their restless ancestors. Being symbolically set ablaze, the variety of items are made from paper such as cars, houses and money. As per saying, the ghosts are liberated from the underworld during this month. And also that they are liberated to wander all over the world every year for a lunar month.

Macao International Music Festival

Being a complete blend of East and West – a renowned event with international influence, the Macau International Music Festival, which is performed in matchless locations, is a prime yearly event, drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of people to the city during October and November. During this unique festival of Macau, the globally reputed artists from every nook and corner of the world gather here in a feast of the senses. The program has the basic features of orchestral, opera and chamber music, jazz, Chinese folk music, Broadway numbers and a dynamic blend of all things from every corner of the world.

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